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My Story: Part One: You Have Cancer

In January of 2018, I had just turned 35 years old. I was content with where I was in life. An avid traveler, a surfer, runner, cyclist, and general lover of life, I was happy. What I was most passionate about was surfing. I just loved and lived for...

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My Story: Part Three: Oasis of Hope Cancer Clinic

One day, while waiting for the UCLA doctors to call and give me a date for my surgery, I was eating lunch with my friend Lauren at Gratitude Cafe. I was telling her all the latest drama of the tumor and having trouble getting a surgery, when suddenly a...

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My Story: Part Four: Proton Beam Therapy

So in September of 2018, four months after my cancer diagnosis, I signed up for Proton Beam Therapy at California Protons Cancer Therapy Center with Dr. Urbanic, who initially recommended surgery, but agreed to treat me after I told him I refused surgery. I immediately liked Dr. Urbanic, not...