5 Ways to Heal the Emotions that Trigger Disease

5 Ways to Heal the Emotions that Trigger Disease

Many people believe that illnesses do not simply happen due to faulty biological systems. More and more evidence is pointing the finger at emotional triggers which will turn on the biological switch that promotes disease in the body. If we can change our emotions, let go of the emotional stressor, whether it’s conscious or subconscious, we will help our bodies heal faster.

Our physical illnesses manifested as a result of an emotional trigger, a psychological trauma that has been trapped and stored in the body, sometimes for decades.

Have you ever wondered why cancer so often comes back? Could it be that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation kills cancer cells, but never addresses the emotional root cause? I personally believe that to be the case and recent research into the mind-body connection seems to support this.

So if underneath each cancer diagnosis is an emotional root cause, how do we go about healing emotionally?

Discover the emotional trigger

This is a lot easier said than done. Sometimes our emotional triggers are childhood traumas that our conscious minds can’t recollect. In order to figure out the source, sometimes we have to dig deep into the subconscious. Sometimes we have to become an emotional Sherlock Holmes, investigating our childhood, looking into our psyche with a magnifying class for clues.

Sometimes this involves working with an experienced hypnotherapist or a specialist who works with the subconscious mind and uncovering hidden traumas. Besides working with a hypnotherapist, you could also find an expert in Recall Healing, New German Medicine, The Emotion Code, etc.

Through these types of therapies, you can go back into your childhood and be blown away that one conversation you had with your mother at the age of 8 left an imprint in your psyche of feeling unloved, unworthy or devalued.

Other times we know the cause on a conscious level. Lisa got breast cancer two years after her mom passed away. David was diagnosed with lung cancer one year after his son was murdered. Bethany was diagnosed with cervical cancer 12 years after she was repeatedly raped by a family member. Was there a traumatic incident that happened a few years prior to your diagnosis?

Work with a Professional

Even if you know the underlying emotional trauma or trigger that led to your dis-ease, working with a professional is paramount in order to release the emotion or trauma. If you don’t know the emotional root cause, a professional can help you find it.

Sometimes this can mean working with a hypnotherapist, psychotherapy, Recall Healing, or a

practitioner who specializes in the Emotion Code or some other type of bioenergy healing that accesses the subconscious mind.

Emotional Freedom Technique

A very powerful yet simple technique for releasing emotions is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as “tapping”. EFT involves tapping on select meridians on the face and upper body while you repeat a select phrase: “even though I feel ….., I completely love and accept myself.”

You can find plenty of guided videos on YouTube for free. I personally have used this whenever I am upset, sad, or angry about something and within 10-15 minutes, the emotional charge has gone away.

For deeper upsets, it will usually take much more time, but there have already been several studies demonstrating its efficacy.

Meditation /Yoga

Another powerful way to release emotional turmoil is to incorporate a daily practice of yoga and meditation. Proven to calm the nervous system, yoga and meditation are just two more tools to add to your healing arsenal.

Yoga and meditation work to put you into a positive state of mind, but they can also be fundamental in helping your body release stored emotions. Read more details on how meditation can help your body heal here.

Do That One Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do

It may sound too good to be true, but writing that book, taking a dance class, picking up the paintbrush, doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do can be a powerful source of healing. Tapping into creative energy has the power to heal. Some believe that disease is caused by suppressing our creative energy and desire to be our authentic selves.

Although tapping into creativity has never shown to directly affect healing, it has been shown to foster positive emotions and well-being. It’s no wonder that healing arts programs have been popping up in hospitals around the world.

We often falsely assume that the dis-ease in our bodies are purely biological maladies that have nothing to do with our thoughts or emotions. More and more, through recent research into new fields such as mind-body medicine, bioenergetics and psychoneuroimmunology, we are seeing a paradigm shift. A new way of thinking about our physical health.

Physical health is a manifestation of our thoughts and emotions. Our past traumas and trapped emotions. In order to heal, we need to get to the underlying root cause. The emotional trigger. Then, we need to put these emotional healing tools into practice to clear the emotional pattern from our mind. The body will follow.

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