About My Cancer healing journey

Welcome! I developed Cancer Free For Life in response to my own cancer healing journey and battle with a rare bone cancer called chordoma.

Diagnosed at 35, doctors discovered a 14cm tumor at the end of my spine. At times I couldn’t walk, sit or stand. At other times, I was in so much pain, I wanted my life to end. But I managed to pull myself out of a dark tunnel and took my healing journey into my own hands. I spent three years researching and learning various spiritual, emotional and biological healing methods that I could apply to my own cancer healing journey, which you can read more about here

Apart from the conventional treatment I received, applying these additional tools in addition to having a healing mindset contributed to my healing journey. 

I’ve also realized that healing a physical ailment should not just include physical treatments of the body.

To have the best chance of healing your body, you need a three-pronged approach incorporating the mind, body, and soul. In other words, take it upon yourself to heal emotionally and spiritually in order to heal physically.

When I was first diagnosed, I was searching for a resource dedicated to healing tools and resources that I could apply. I was searching for stories of people like me who could give me hope. I couldn’t find that, so I decided to create my own resource, which led to this blog.

This is a place where cancer patients can come to discover mind-body tools to apply to their own healing journey and to find hope and inspiration through others’ who have healed. Cancer is not just a physical illness. It has emotional and spiritual roots. Exploring these facets of our illness can contribute to powerful healing.