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My Story: Part Nine 10

My Story: Part Nine: That A.C. Life

Since my MRI in September 2019, I’ve continued to get better and better. Since I got off all pain meds in Oct. 2019 including the CBD/THC oil, I have continued to be completely pain-free. Sometimes I think of my life divided into two eras: BC (before cancer) and AC...

ways to heal emotionally 0

5 Ways to Heal the Emotions that Trigger Disease

5 Ways to Heal the Emotions that Trigger Disease Many people believe that illnesses do not simply happen due to faulty biological systems. More and more evidence is pointing the finger at emotional triggers which will turn on the biological switch that promotes disease in the body. If we...

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6 Powerful Reasons Why Meditation Should Be Part of Your Healing Regimen

If you’re diagnosed with cancer or any other health condition for that matter including depression or anxiety, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power of meditation for healing. We all know that meditation relaxes you, keeps you focused and can decrease pain, but can it also contribute to...